Masterplan Energie UZ Gasthuisberg Leuven

In 2006, UZ Leuven and KU Leuven planned a step-by-step renewal and expansion of the current energy facilities on the Gasthuisberg campus for a growth from 200,000 m² to 550,000 m². A master plan was developed in which cold-heat storage (KWO) and heat pumps will be integrated into an overarching and redundant concept for cold and heat production for the entire site. The focus is on operational reliability and energy efficiency.

This entire growth and renovation operation of the campus and energy infrastructure is being carried out in phases and is still ongoing. 
Ingenium was charged with drawing up the master plan at campus level, the design and implementation supervision of the ensuing energy infrastructure projects for UZ Leuven and monthly monitoring of progress, concept monitoring and possible concept adjustment of this master plan. 

Some 30 projects have already been implemented within this master plan, including the renovation or new construction of 11 cooling and/or heating plants and 2 steam plants.  
In close consultation with UZ Leuven, Ingenium made an update of the master plan concepts in 2022 to work towards a fossil-free campus by 2045. 8 new fossil-free cooling and heating plants are currently in sketches or preliminary designs